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How could I be called strong when my weakness is the reason you left? How could I move on when I could have but didn’t prevent your death?...


Why am I mad? Why is it not sad to me that I wanna be alone? Why do I keep pulling myself away from all that I know? Why am I numb?..


I have changed.I am not who I used to be, I am better. I don't wanna be the 16-year-old me, but I don't regret having been her. I grew with every mistake I made, with every lesson I learned...


"Every day I wake up knowing I will have to decide how to live my life. The smallest choices will affect how I sleep at night.
The first decision I make is whether I get up. I sometimes don't..."

Lost control

"I lost control again. I knew it would happen again but I had hoped that it wouldn't. As always. That hope keeps fading away as quickly as it comes and leaves a glimpse of uncertainty..."